Beautiful Bathroom Renovations in Frederick MD

Whether your bathroom project is small or a complete renovation, Borelli brings attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job. We serve all of Frederick County, MD and surrounding areas in Montgomery County and Washington County with trusted bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Home Improvements


  • Countertop installation
  • Tile installation
  • Shower door installation
  • Bathroom fan installation
  • Fixture replacement. Your shower, tub, sink and toilet all have moving parts that can wear out. This maintenance can include faucet repair, shower head servicing or replacement, leaky toilet maintenance and so on.
  • Remodel. When you want to upgrade your bathroom, it doesn’t need to be an expensive remodel. Instead, consider re-grouting, caulking around the tub and shower, replacing the floors, installing a new vanity, and putting in a new mirror and towel racks. 

Frederick MD Bathroom Repair Projects


  • Tile Repair
  • Faucet Repair Services
  • Drywall repair services
  • Plumbing Repair. Older or overworked piping systems can leak or burst, especially during extreme weather. When finding the source of a leak, we make a few small exploratory cuts and identify the cause of the leak first and foremost. Learn more about our plumbing services.
  • Water damage prevention. When your bathroom starts to lose its water-tight capabilities, water can quickly wreak havoc on your home. Maintaining your water-tight surfaces is key. This includes tile repair, laminate upkeep and the like. If water damage does occur, fix it as soon as possible to cut down on the chance that mold and rot will begin infesting your space.
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