How We Give Back

A portion of any project completed by Borelli Home Renovations Inc. is donated to support the social projects of MissionServ International Aid, Inc.

There are generations of people, just like you and I, throughout the world, in under-developed communities, that face extreme hardships and consequently have lost their ability to dream with a better life today. They are left with little or no hope for improvement tomorrow.
These are good, honest, hard-working people that barely survive, due to economic repression, social chaos, plain lack of opportunities. These people lost their motivation not because idleness. It is because of hopelessness. They cry for help, for compassion, for an opportunity!


The only difference between us and them is our easy access to resources.


Something is got to change! A change for better! A positive change. A change that energizes and revitalizes.


MissionServ heard that cry and resolved to be a part of the solution to the needs of the world around us. A high goal has been set! The goal is to serve in love, to cater to these needs, being a catalyst of that much needed change! A sustainable change!

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