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Born and raised in the tropical land of Brazil, came young to the USA in search of knowledge and opportunities. With a vast involvement in the international arena, she has worked in the public and private sectors of mining and oil exploration as well as served in organizations such as ECLAC – Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean – United Nations, the World Bank and ADRA International, among others.


Her interests in developing the family business in the stone industry sector and home remodeling, made Frederick, Maryland, her home base of choice. Jointly with her two sons, Junior and Paulo Seidl, names such as Ston’Art Galleria, GranTops and Royal Stone became an icon in the region where they served – the great Washington/Baltimore area, covering the states of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Dirci finds time to enjoy the artistic world, including painting and music.  The National Christian Choir in the USA and Conjunto Sorriso, in Brazil, have been two of the musical institutions in which she either participated or directed. Traveling and being exposed to new and different cultures are ones of her most favorite pastimes. However her passion is in uniquely serving God by making a difference in other people’s lives by means of service – for that reason she founded and runs MissionServ International Aid, Inc., a 501.c3 non-for-profit organization, based in Frederick, MD,  that ministers and promotes volunteering services and international short-term missions to assist and develop needy communities abroad.


Dirci considers herself extremely blessed for having her greatest friends in her two sons, Paulo and Junior, who gave her two very special grandsons, Brendon & Brayan, and a sweet granddaughter, Julia!  These wonderful kids, coupled with her ministry, make her life very special and worth living.


Michigan born and a Brazilian by heart, Junior is a multi-cultural and multi-gifted individual – the resourceful spring that keeps Borelli moving forward and on the edge.


Having been exposed to many fields and many lands, Junior brings with him an incredible variety of favorable and positive elements. His past experience and many years of direct hands-on involvement in the stone industry overseas, his technical and practical exposure to the industry through Ston’Art Galleria and GranTops, his creativity in imagining and finding solutions for out of ordinary situations in the home remodeling business, coupled with the manifestation of challenges he has faced serving at FUNDAMED’s drilling program overseas, and his sense of humor, give him a unique capability for adaptation and problem solving.


Volunteer work carried out in his youth in the USA, Nicaragua, Russia, Dominic Republic and Brazil have been the seed that germinated in his heart and made him passionate for service to others. Junior’s true passion is the development of means and technologies to help people help themselves in areas in distress. As Technology Development Director for MissionServ International Aid, he runs the FACTORY of HOPE Buildings Program in Brazil on a volunteer basis.


God and family are a priority in Junior’s life. Besides being busy with running and managing the technical crews that carry out all home renovations for Borelli Kitchen & Bath, he still makes time to coach soccer for local young groups and other community related projects.


Born in Brazil, Paulo came to the USA while very young with his parents to complete superior education. Together with his wife, Evelin Gois Seidl and baby Julia Seidl, he has made

Italy, Brazil and the USA their home in different opportunities.


Paulo brings to the family business his large experience and knowledge in the fields of Marketing & Sales as well as project management.  Adherence to strong ethical standards of “doing business right” the first time is been his life motto.  Marketing  analysis, market segmentation, voice of customer, value proposition design, pricing, sales and channel management, marketing communication and branding are some of his strongest traits.

Even when traveling overseas, Paulo is always connected with the family business and tries to be as effective and efficient as it he was personally present.

Paulo is also heavily involved in social affairs and volunteering work.  FUNDAMED, a Foundation that carried out more than 100 volunteer medical missions to needy areas of Brazil was founded by him and still works to alleviate the human suffering in locations where there are not enough medical health for the population.

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